Illuminating design
Air passage
3F LEM has been designed to have the best possible air passage in all installation conditions, including ceiling mounted. Aerodynamic analysis has allowed dust deposits on the heat dissipators to be avoided.
Wiring compartment separate from heat dissipators
Thanks to this design, the power supplies are not affected by the heat emitted by the modules. This solution also allows wiring compartments of different lengths to be created.
Lenses, sources and power supplies can be replaced at the end of their life cycle, or upgraded to next-generation sources.
Heat-dissipating body
Made in die-cast aluminium and developed in partnership with the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Bologna.
Mid-Power LED
Use of these LEDs offers improved efficiency (compared to High Power LEDs), less glare and optimised heat distribution (less thermal stress on the sources).
LED photobiological safety: RG0
The LEDs used are RG0 class (photobiological risk absent), that is they do not emit any radiation harmful to human organs.
3F Lens lenticular lens
Available with Wide or Concentrated controlled output (UGR < 22).
Technical data
LED lifetime 50,000 hours, after which luminous flux will be 90% of the original figure
Ambient operating temperature Electronic versions- from -30°C to +55°C
High-Temperature versions - from -30°C to +70°C
Luminous flux output up to 30,000 lumen (for 3F LEM 4) and system efficiency greater than 130 lm/W
Colour tolerance 3 MacAdam ellipses
Available colour temperatures 4000K - 6500K (3000K on request)
Colour rendering index (CRI 80 (90 on request)
Ingress protection IP64
Easy installation 3F LEM can be suspension, wall or ceiling mounted (using accessories).Plug&Play technology ensures installation times are minimised.
Industrial application example
Data refers to a typical industrial shed 400W JM reflector 3F LEM 3 3F LEM 4
Surface irradiance (W/m2)
Average lighting level: 300 lx
9,9 3,3 (-67%) 3,3 (-67%)
Number of luminaires installed 56 49 37 (-39%)
Source lifetime (hours) 8.000 50.000 50.000
*Added to this are the savings from the drastic reduction in maintenance costs!
Photometric distributions
Rectangular ground projection
Recommended for industry

As there is no photometric overlap, the energy used and number of luminaires is optimised.
To obtain uniform lighting, the installation pitch is equal to:
DT = 1,5 x hu DL = 1,4 x hu
hu = Effective installation height
Elliptical ground projection
Recommended for warehouses with large installation heights

Allows large longitudinal pitch to obtain uniformity over the aisles and shelving.
To obtain uniform lighting, the installation pitch is equal to:
DL = 1,30 x hu
hu = Effective installation height
Product range
3F LEM 2
Two-module IP64 luminaire
500x540x130 mm
3F LEM 3
Three-module IP64 luminaire
600x540x130 mm
3F LEM 4
Four-module IP64 luminaire
800x540x130 mm
Available versions
Versions Electronics High Temperatures DALI Sensor*
Ambient temperature in operation from -30°C to +55°C from -30°C to +70°C from -30°C to +55°C from -30°C to +55°C
Power supply HF HF DALI DALI
Colour temperature 4000K e 6500K 4000K 4000K 4000K
*Light and presence detector
On request Versions for the food industry
Emergency versions
Versions with luminous flux of over 30,000 lumen (using more than 4 modules)
Colour temperature 3000K and 6500K
Sources with colour rendering index (CRI) > 90
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